The new NVIDIA DGX-1 is similar to the previous generation offering based on Pascal, but is powered by eight Tesla V100s GPUs, linked together via next-gen NVIDIA NVLink interconnect technology that ups the bandwidth per GPU to 300GB/s.

The rest of the system consists of:

  • Dual, 20-core Intel® Xeon® E5-2698 CPUs
  • 512GB of RAM
  • four 1.92TB SSDs in RAID 0
  • a pair of 10GbE connections

There are a total of 40,960 CUDA cores (5,120 Tensor cores) in the system, with 128GB of total GPU memory, spread across those Tesla V100 processors. All told, the Volta-infused DGX-1 offers up to 960 TFLOPs of FP16 compute performance, versus 170 TFLOPs for the original, with significantly more bandwidth on tap.


GPUs 8X Tesla V100 8X Tesla P100
TFLOPS (GPU FP16) 960 170
GPU Memory 128 GB total system
CPU Dual 20-Core Intel® Xeon® E5-2698 v4 2.2 GHz
NVIDIA CUDA® Cores 40,960 28,672
NVIDIA Tensor Cores (on V100 based systems) 5,120 N/A
Maximum Power Requirements 3,200 W
System Memory 512 GB 2,133 MHz DDR4 LRDIMM
Storage 4X 1.92 TB SSD RAID 0
Network Dual 10 GbE, Up to 4 IB EDR
Software Ubuntu Linux Host OS
See Software Stack for Details***
System Weight 134 lbs
System Dimensions 866 D x 444 W x 131 H (mm)
Packing Dimensions 1,180 D x 730 W x 284 H (mm)
Operating Temperature Range 10–35 °C



The new NVIDIA DGX-1 will be available at XENON. Customers who buy one today, can receive the Pascal-based version, and have the Tesla P100s swapped for V100s when they become available.