XENON can help you design a dynamic IT infrastructure such as a HPC cluster and datacentre that embraces state of the art technology and open standards. By thoroughly understanding your requirements, challenges, and technology goals, XENON can build the right foundation tuned to your specific business that enables you to deliver efficient and secure services.


XENON innovative range of servers deliver leading–edge technology to enable outstanding performance and availability while offering simplified management and easy scalability.

XENON Nitro Visual Workstations


XENON’s Visual workstations can play a pivotal role in broadcast, advertising and media production environments by reducing production cycles and lowering the cost of content creation.

XENON Storage


XENON offers a comprehensive line of intelligent storage solutions that: Scale flexibly and rapidly as business needs change, Deliver exceptional availability and are highly cost-effective.

XENON GPU Computing

GPU Computing

GPU-accelerated computing offers unprecedented application performance by offloading compute-intensive portions of the application to the GPU, while the remainder of the code still runs on the CPU.

XENON MIC Computing

MIC Computing

With XENON you can customize an Intel® MIC cluster solution that fits your precise use case or application needs.


High Performance Computing Clusters

XENON Systems has the experience and proven track record of designing, installing and the providing high-quality on-going support of High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions.

XENON Ethernet

Ethernet Networking

Ethernet delivers bandwidth at low-latencies, equivalent to fibre solutions, and is ideal for for the rigorous demands of data centre applications.

XENON High Performance Network

High Performance Networking

For XENON, InfiniBand is a means to expand beyond and create the next generation I/O interconnect standard in server and storage solutions.

XENON Softwares


XENON provide an extensive range of end to end software solutions to tackle your IT challenges.

XENON Graphics Accelerators

Graphics Accelerators

NVIDIA® professional graphics accelerators deliver unprecedented performance and innovative capabilities to boost your success.