Patented software from Atlantis transforms storage in the datacenter in the same way virtual machines (VMs) have transformed the server landscape over the last 10 years. Atlantis also uniquely enhances any storage hardware to perform up to ten times faster and increases its effective capacity by up to ten times. This new storage component of the Software-Defined Datacenter enables enterprises to use any storage for any application while using software profiles to configure its performance, capacity, and availability. The resultant storage runs at lightning speed and minimizes the impact in hardware and network infrastructure.

Atlantis HyperScale

Atlantis HyperScale is the first economically viable all-flash hyperconverged system that integrates servers, storage and virtualization into a single appliance that delivers order of magnitude better storage performance at 50–90% lower cost. Unlike other hyperconverged appliances, Atlantis HyperScale avoids vendor lock-in by supporting multiple hypervisors, eliminating dependence on proprietary hardware, and supporting four of the leading server platform.

Atlantis HyperScale all-flash hyperconverged appliances provide an ideal infrastructure platform for server virtualization that provides servers, storage, networking and virtualization in a single appliance at a cost that is 50-90% lower than traditional datacenters.


According to Gartner, 71% of all servers are now virtualized and 82% will be virtualized by 20181. The rapid growth of virtualized server OS instances and VM sprawl for databases, web servers, application servers and other VMs have outstripped the ability of traditional storage systems to service their storage traffic. Datacenter storage requirements are growing at 40% per year—doubling every two years. Not only is capacity growing out of control, but virtualized servers require high performance storage that delivers the IOPS, throughput and latency required to make applications perform their best. The purchase of traditional SAN and NAS storage to meet this demand is costly and exceeding budgets. All-Flash arrays are costly and create yet another silo in the datacenter. Hybrid hyperconverged systems lack the performance and remain costly.

Atlantis HyperScale hyperconverged appliances deliver all-flash performance at 50-90% lower cost than traditional storage or competitive hyperconverged appliances. Instead of integrating costly and complex SAN, NAS or all-flash array storage with servers, Atlantis HyperScale delivers an all-flash hyperconverged solution that is pre-integrated with compute, enterprise-class all-flash storage and virtualization. Within 60 minutes, organizations can deploy turnkey appliances that provide up to 96 CPU cores, 2TB of RAM and 24TB of all-flash storage that can support hundreds of server VMs.

Atlantis USX

Atlantis USX enables enterprises to pool and abstract all storage (SAN, NAS, Flash, RAM, DAS, Hybrid Arrays, and Public Cloud) and instantly deliver virtual storage volumes to any application. By pooling storage, both storage capacity and performance are used more efficiently in the datacenter, lowering cost, increasing performance and making datacenters more agile.

It integrated HyperDup™ Content-Aware Data Services that leverage Atlantis real-time deduplication technology to provide data reduction, IO acceleration, provisioning, data mobility, security and business continuity for any storage and provides policy-based management of virtual storage volumes that allows administrators to define the capacity, performance and availability requirement for individual VMs or applications.

In addition Atlantis USX delivers automation of all storage functions through REST APIs that are leveraged by third-party orchestration systems to provide Quality of Service (QoS), self-healing to provide resiliency, autonomics to create the optimal storage volume configurations, and event-based management to automate self-provisioning of applications.


Cost Reduction

Enterprises that deploy Atlantis USX will reduce storage costs by up to 80% by significantly extending the effective capacity of existing storage. This reduces the amount of physical storage required for any application set; avoiding the purchase of additional storage hardware, enabling the deployment of lower cost DAS and public cloud storage, and eliminating the inefficiencies of existing storage hardware.



Atlantis USX delivers all-flash performance across the entire datacenter to all applications, increasing transactions per second for databases, reducing mailbox response time, accelerating virtual desktop performance, and cutting data processing time.


Data Mobility

Atlantis USX enables virtual workloads to move between storage systems, datacenters and the cloud in seconds. The new found storage agility opens up new opportunities to move workloads closer to users, lower compute costs, leverage storage in the cloud, or migrate from one storage system to another seamlessly.

Atlantis ILIO

Atlantis ILIO is a 100% software solution that changes the way Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp and VMware Horizon (with View) consume storage, reducing storage requirements by up to 90% and delivering virtual desktops and applications that are faster and cheaper. Atlantis HyperDup Content-Aware Data Services processes all IO on server RAM before it hits primary storage to minimize IO by up to 95% and reduce runtime storage footprint by up to 90%.

Key Benefits:

  • Deploy persistent virtual desktops that are cheaper and faster than a physical PC. Common desktop operations like boot, logon, application launch, anti-virus scans, Windows desktop and e-mail searches, and logoff literally take just a few seconds. Atlantis ILIO enables these environments to be scaled linearly and predictably, while maintaining blazing desktop performance without requiring additional disk spindles or SSD.
  • Atlantis ILIO Persistent VDI In-Memory mode is a great fit for new virtual desktop installations that may not have already purchased infrastructure. Server RAM is used as primary storage to deliver an incredible end user experience while a small amount of external SAN/NAS storage is used to maintain a real-time optimized backup and ensure complete data protection and availability.
  • Atlantis ILIO Persistent VDI Disk-Backed is a great option to use traditional storage technologies optimized by Atlantis ILIO along with server RAM. In this scenario, Atlantis ILIO employs memory as a tier, using a small amount of server RAM for all IO processing while using the existing SAN/NAS storage or all-flash arrays as primary storage. Its storage optimizations increase the number of desktops that storage can support by up to ten times while, at the same time, improving performance. Disk-Backed configurations can use a variety of different storage types including SAN, NAS, all-flash and hybrid storage array.