Whether it’s high performance computing, network design, server and storage solutions or visual workstation technology being sought, we have delivered tailored solutions in a variety of demanding environments including science, defence, manufacturing, meteorology, animation, broadcasting, motor racing, education and telecommunications.

XENON HFT Solutions

High Frequency Trading

XENON has a strong track record in providing innovative HFT server solutions to leading firms in global financial markets.

XENON Ultimate Performance System

Ultimate Performance Systems

XENON’s eXtreme performance systems are ideal for CAD/CAM/CAE Applications, Game Hosting, and High Frequency/Algorithmic Trading.

XENON Deep Learning

Deep Learning

XENON offers a variety of Deep Learning solutions which focus on GPU power due to its intensive parallel computation ability.

XENON Artificial Intelligence Consulting

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Consulting

XENON designs and delivers AI solutions that include the very latest high-performance CPU, GPU, network, and storage hardware for optimizing performance of deep learning software and AI container stacks.

XENON Cloud Platform

Cloud Platforms

XENON can assist by designing and deploying cloud computing solutions that will streamline usability using leading Cloud technologies.

Data Protection

Commvault delivers a unified, automated data protection platform that provides a single, complete view of all enterprise data wherever it resides.

XENON Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

XENON can help you analyse current data to make valuable insights into the future.

Big Data/Analytics

Each solution is custom designed by XENON engineers to cater towards specific and unique project requirements to establish optimisation and achieve maximum scalability and efficiency.


High Performance Computing

XENON Systems has the experience and proven track record of designing, installing and the providing high-quality on-going support of High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions.

XENON Software-Defined Networking

Software-Defined Networking

XENON works closely with Cumulus Networks to deliver innovative open networking solutions.


VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)

VDI can help simplify device management in a BYOD environment as corporate resources are not stored on the device but instead remain on the premises or in the cloud.

XENON Media Entertainment

Media and Entertainment

Our solutions include; compliance logging and ASI monitoring solutions, high-speed point-to-point data transfer applications, and Quantum StorNext 5 platforms.

XENON Internet Of Things

IoT (Internet of Things)

By 2020, there will be 21 billion connected devices in a global Internet of Things.


Remote Fibre Management

XENON’s Fibre Automation platform includes an active switching mechanism responsible for connecting and disconnecting optical ports within a passive latching layer.

XENON Parabricks

Parabricks – GPU Accelerated Genomic Analysis

XENON is working with Parabricks a highly innovative company that provides high-performance genomic analysis that can analyze whole human genome under an hour compared to days.

XENON Kinetica Solutions Page

KINETICA GPU-Accelerated Databases

XENON Systems is working together with KINETICA to design and deliver high-density GPU servers and clusters that unleash the power of data with real-time analytics.