Leaders in High Performance Computing, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Solutions

With over two decades of experience in designing and deploying supercomputers, workstations, and servers, XENON is leading its customers to the forefront of high performance computing, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. Whether the application is life sciences, enterprise or public services, XENON contributes to all stages of planning, design, and deployment to enable its customers to gain value from their data immediately.

By offering the latest CPU, GPU, storage, and data networking technologies from a wide variety of global partners XENON is able to work with customers prior to the decision phase to design best-of-breed solutions to match requirements. In addition to hardware, XENON also offers the world’s most innovative software in areas of predictive data analytics, artificial intelligence, real-time IoT streamed data analysis, high availability storage, and SDN.

XENON consulting and professional services brings everything seamlessly together to ensure that solutions are designed to; best meet customer needs, are configured and fully tested for system robustness, and delivered on time.

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At XENON, we like breaking new ground and tackling complex problems that have not been successfully solved. We experiment to extract maximum performance from existing technologies to deliver real benefits for our clients. We know the world will keep presenting important challenges that demand better solutions, so to us, the future is bright.


XENON Timeline

I believe that technology and innovation is fundamental to the growth and enhancement of human possibilities.
As a recognised leader, I feel a responsibility to ensure that our products and solutions will influence and advance the industry.
Dragan Dimitrovici
Chief Executive Officer