XENON provides innovative technical solutions to the following industries:


XENON works intimately with High Frequency Trading Companies globally. High-frequency trading (HFT) is a type of algorithmic trading characterised by high speeds, high turnover rates, and high order-to-trade ratios that leverages high-frequency financial data and electronic trading tools. A key success factor in this industry is the use of sophisticated technological tools and computer algorithms to rapidly trade securities. XENON offers the following high performance, low latency technologies to HFT companies:

Precision Medicine

Precision medicine requires reliable genome sequencing to quickly identify the genetic mutations that increase a patient’s disease risk and allows them to take specific action to reduce their chances of developing disease. Genome sequencing has the potential to improve patient care by enabling physicians to incorporate each patient’s genetic information into disease risk prediction, diagnoses, and medical treatment plans.

XENON works closely with leading research institutions to deliver high performance computing solutions that enable the development of new cures and accelerates the development of future medicines through computational simulations.

Success Stories:

  • Garvan Institute of Medical Research

    XENON Brings Affordable 24×7 Genome Sequencing Computing Capability to the Garvan Institute to Enhance Genomic Discovery. Read more.

  • Walter and Eliza Hall Institute (WEHI)

    WEHI and XENON Design Private Cloud For Next Generation Cancer, Disease and Medical Research. Read more.

Higher Education

Universities worldwide play a key role in developing the citizens and in contributing towards innovations in both policy and technological development. XENON supports these worthy endeavours with their Nitro Visual Workstation portfolio, Deep Learning Machines and HPC solutions that range from small cluster installations to massive computing machines that power research within the largest datacentres.

Success Stories:

  • University Queensland

    The University of Queensland selects XENON for first of its kind FlashLite computer to enable big data research and innovation.
    You can read the complete Flashlite Case Study here or download the Flashlite White Paper here.

  • UniSA

    XENON drives Augmented Reality Lab at UniSA. This lab is producing simulations by using sophisticated computing technology running up to 40 overlapping video projections simultaneously. Read more.

  • The University of Melbourne

    XENON delivers the first national research cloud purpose-built for Australian researchers at The University of Melbourne. Read more.

Oil & Gas Exploration

Oil and gas explorers use seismic surveys to produce detailed images of the various rock types and their location beneath the earth’s surface and they use this information to determine the location and size of oil and gas reservoirs.

XENON’s innovative storage and HPC solutions, as well as technical expertise, help clients to better characterize exploration uncertainty. With an improved understanding of the geology of their prospective areas exploration teams can extract maximum value from their exploration investment.

Success Stories:

  • Oil Search

    Intel® and XENON Help Oil Search Dig Deeper Into Sub-Surface Oil and Gas Analysis. Read more.

Scientific Research

Visual and High Performance Computing (HPC), is testing the boundaries of science and medicine. Scientists and researchers are curious and challenged by the potential advances at their fingertips, such as accelerated diagnoses, increased precision and prediction, and virtual environments in which patients can speed their own wellness.

XENON’s portfolio of products which include; GPU Accelerated HPC Clusters, Deep Learning Machines and Nitro Visual Workstations are essential platforms when dramatic advances in science are needed.

Success Stories:


    CSIRO Chooses XENON for Supercomputing Upgrade. Read more.


Defence uses XENON’s modelling and simulation technology for a variety of purposes, such as to train individual soldiers, conduct joint training operations, develop doctrine and tactics, formulate operational plans, assess war-fighting situations, evaluate new or upgraded systems and analyse alternative force structures.

The use of XENON Image Generator technology within the Defence industry has led to the establishment of a standard architecture for defence simulations which allows the industry to meet its vision of constructing a rapidly configured mix of computer simulations, actual war-fighting systems, and weapons systems simulators geographically distributed and networked, involving tens of thousands of entities to support training, analysis, and acquisition. Such simulations train individuals to perform particular tasks, to interpret data, and to make decisions, and to help groups of individuals (tank crews, fighter squadrons) work together as a team.

Success Stories:

  • Thales

    XENON supports Thales to deliver high fidelity for Australian army tiger helicopter simulator. Read more.

Manufacturing and Design

XENON custom designed Server, Storage and High Performance Computing solutions accelerates design and development cycles that enable manufacturers to replace physical modelling with simulations. This can dramatically speed time to market and reduce costs. It enables designers to experiment with materials and design to find the most cost-effective and ecologically responsible ways to solve problems.

Success Stories:

  • Futuris

    Intel® and XENON drive high performance innovation at Futuris. Read more.

  • SenSen Networks

    XENON develops an innovative small form factor server for real-time video analysis. Read more.


The amount of existing and new data flowing through today’s healthcare model is enormous and growing. The untapped potential of that data is even greater. By gathering up and analysing the many varieties of data, including medical records both providers and payers can garner new insights across a spectrum of applications ranging from better personalised individual care to predictive models for large population cohorts. The result is better patient outcomes with improved provider and payer resource utilisation. With XENON’s Big Data and Deep Learning solutions healthcare IT moves faster in everything from speeding up molecular dynamics performance workloads to connecting patience and care teams.