19 Feb 2018

Powered by NVIDIA Volta, the new NVIDIA TITAN V combines groundbreaking compute capability and a stunning design to provide the most powerful PC GPU ever created. By utilizing the Volta GPU architecture, NVIDIA CUDA and Tensor Cores are paired together to deliver new levels of compute performance in a desktop PC.

NVIDIA TITAN V Highlights:

  • 5120 CUDA Cores / 640 Tensor Cores
  • 110 TeraFLOPS of Performance
  • 1200 MHz Base Clock (MHz) / 1455 Boost Clock (MHz)
  • 12 GB HBM2 Memory

With XENON NVIDIA TITAN V Workstations and Deep Learning systems, you’ll be able to excel your computational processing for scientific simulation. Learn more about the NVIDIA TITAN V and how our solutions can help advance your compute workloads. Contact XENON at info@xenon.com.au.