CSPi Network Adapters Myricom ARC Series

Accelerate Your Application With High Performance, Full Function Network Interfaces

The Myricom ARC Series of 10GbE network adapters provides a high throughput, low-latency network interface, with extremely accurate timestamping at line rate and zero packet loss, all in a cost-effective package.

They lead the industry in value pricing, zero loss reliability and user-defined functionality.

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key features

The C-Class hardware platform is the basis for the industry’s lowest cost packet capture solution, delivering zero packet loss across the full range of Ethernet packet sizes in combination with Sniffer10G software.

  • Industry’s lowest cost pure packet capture device based upon the proven Myricom LANai ASIC
  • Available in multiple form factors: low-pro le PCIe, BladeCenter, and PC/104
  • One or two 10G ports in either SFP+ or 10GBASE-T or XFP or CX4, the broadest range of 10G options on the market

The D-Class is financial trading’s lowest cost full function 10 GbE network adapter.

  • With Sniffer10G firmware and software, the D-Class provides a cost-effective packet capture option.
  • Unique application-enhancing features include hardware-based A/B arbitration for up to 4 sources per feed and extremely accurate timestamping on both RECEIVE and SEND packets.
  • Supports the maximum possible 10G packet rate of 14.8 million packets per second on each 10 GbE line.
  • Support for 32 simultaneous rings (DBL endpoints)

The E-Class uses an optimized combination of hardware, FPGA firmware and software libraries to deliver application specific functionality in a cost-effective package.

  • Very accurate time stamps as well as inputs for 1 PPS and 10 Mhz timing signals
  • FPGA to enable a stream of future enhancements from CSPi
  • Two or four 1 G or 10G ports using SFP+ cages (for bandwidths higher than 25Gbit, we recommend using a broker to load balance between ARC adapters)