Best Sellers

XENON have compiled a list of the bestselling servers for small, medium and enterprise businesses.  These servers include:

Tower Servers

XENON scalable tower servers are ideal for remote and branch offices, as well as small to medium businesses that require low-risk networking, file-and-print and shared Internet access solutions, and provide maximum internal storage and I/O flexibility.

Tower Server

Rack Servers

XENON innovative range of rack servers deliver leading–edge technology to enable outstanding performance and availability while offering simplified management and easy scalability. All XENON servers are designed with an integrated approach and testing of these servers ensures all businesses can rely on the higher quality of service needed for a cost and energy efficient IT infrastructure.

Rackmount Servers

High Density Servers

XENON High-Density range can deliver the most computing power for commercial market applications per cubic metre of rack space. They are an ideal replacement for legacy equipment in environments with data centre space limitations or electricity restrictions. Because of their modular construction, the High-Density range are an ideal building block for high performance clustering.

High Density servers

XENON Krypton AMD Servers

XENON Krypton AMD servers are built with the latest generation EPYCTM CPU’s to deliver powerful servers in compact form factors. XENON Krypton AMD servers are ideal for HPC, big data analytics, and software defined architectures. See details in the Rack Server section above, in the Single and Dual processor ranges.

XENON Krypton AMD Servers