With the advancement of large scale cloud computing platforms like OpenStack, the business of data storage has been forever changed. Scale out software defined storage solutions are rapidly becoming pervasive as the implementation model of choice for large scale deployments. Agile business models require equally agile platforms to build upon. By replacing the proprietary data silos of the past with flexible server hardware, cloud providers have more control of their environments resulting in better value for their customers.

Ready to Deploy Configurations

 Role specific cluster configurations

Turn-key cluster configurations offer performance, capacity, and density to fit popular application workloads. Memory and networking options are easily customized to meet specific requirements.

Optimized network configurations

Cluster and rack level integration offers streamlined deployment of Red Hat Ceph Storage and infrastructure with consistency not attainable using improvised methods.

Storage/Media Ratios to fit user applications

Deployment of flash and rotating magnetic media allows the solution to meet workload tuned performance and density targets.

The Ceph Storage Difference

Ceph’s CRUSH algorithm liberates client access limitations imposed by centralizing the data table mapping typically used in scale-out storage. Ceph continuously re-balances data across the cluster-delivering consistent performance and massive scaling. The self-healing capabilities of Ceph provide aggressive levels of resiliency. Data redundancy is achieved by replication or erasure coding allowing for extremely efficient capacity utilization.

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