The Arista 7280E Series extends the Arista 1RU product portfolio, providing a combination of deep buffers and the industry’s first 100GbE Top of Rack switch combined with extensive features such as VXLAN and LANZ. The 7280E are built for storage networks, content delivery networks, and lossless spline/leaf datacenter designs.

Arista 7280E Advantages:

  • Improve performance of bandwidth intensive applications found in High Performance Storage or streaming video
  • Ultra deep buffers and VOQ for lossless performance in demanding environments where congestion and large flows are present – as in Big Data environments or Media and Entertainment
  • Wirespeed VXLAN expanding next generation virtualized datacenters
  • Integrated SSD storage allows for unique extensibility abilities, traffic monitoring and Software Defined Networking applications
  • Hardware assisted Precision Time Protocol (PTP) enables accurate timing solutions across Ethernet based networks without costly investments in deploying separate timing networks


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Model Number


MAC Table Size


Maximum v4/v6 Host Routes


Maximum IPv4 Route Prefixes


Maximum IPv6 Route Prefixes


Maximum Multicast Groups


Maximum Egress Hosts

90K (30K per port group)

Maximum LAG Groups


Maximum LAG Members

64 Ports

Maximum ECMP Fanout


Maximum ACL Entries

36K (12K per port group)

Buffer per 10GbE Port

Up to 125MB

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