Designed for next generation IP storage, Content Delivery, leaf and spine networks and Data Center Interconnect the Arista 7280R Series fixed configuration switches combine dynamic and deep buffering for lossless forwarding with high density, internet scale table sizes and comprehensive L2 and L3 features.

Arista 7280R Advantages:

  • Unparalleled Performance with Dynamic Deep Buffers and VOQ for Lossless forwarding
  • Flexible design choices for 10G to 100G
  • Arista FlexRoute™ and EOS NetDB™ for internet peering with high density and low power
  • EOS Open Programmability for Advanced Traffic Control, Provisioning and Monitoring


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Model Number

7280R Series

MAC Table Size


Maximum v4/v6 Host Routes


Maximum IPv4 Route Prefixes

Up to 1.2M

Maximum IPv6 Route Prefixes

Up to 768K

Maximum Multicast Groups

Up to 768K

Maximum LAG Groups


Maximum LAG Members

64 Ports

Maximum ECMP Fanout


Maximum ACL Entries

24K per port group

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