AIRI is a revolutionary end-to-end AI-at-scale infrastructure to address real-world challenges that enterprises face. AIRI offers a unique capability for enterprises to cross the AI chasm with ease and benefit from the work done by these trailblazers. It is backed by enterprise-grade support for the AIRI Technology Stack that includes NVIDIA® GPU Cloud Deep Learning Stack, Pure1® cloud-based management and AIRI’s multi-node scaling toolkit.


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4 x NVIDIA® DGX-1 servers

4 PLFLOPS of DL Performance

Pure Flashblade

  • 15 x 17TB Blades
  • 1.5M NFS IOPS

Converged Fabric

  • 2 x 100Gb Ethernet
  • Switches with RDMA

AIRI Scaling Toolkit

Multi-Node Training Made Simple


Deep Learning Stack NVIDIA® Optimised Frameworks

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