The ExtremeSwitching X8 platform provides seamless any-to-any connectivity through a simple, scalable, and centrally orchestrated network.

Designed for cloud-scale requirements of data centers, high-performance computing (HPC), and Internet exchange points (IXP), the ExtremeSwitching X8 provides a low-latency, high-performance switch fabric with high-density wire-speed 10GbE, 40GbE, and 100GbE connectivity for edge-to-core applications, all in a compact footprint using only one-third of a standard rack. The ExtremeSwitching X8 eliminates expensive multi-tier architectures and the challenges of inter-device connectivity, uplink bandwidth, and latency. The ExtremeSwitching X8 also leverages a low-power design ideal for green operations and high degrees of energy efficiency, resulting in lower total cost of ownership (TCO).


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Model Number

BlackDiamond X8 Series

High-performance switching

  • 20+Tbps switching capacity
  • 2.56Tbps bandwidth per slot
  • 192 x 40GbE or 768 x 10GbE or 32 x 100GbE

High-availability design

  • N+1 switching, power, and fan redundancy
  • N+N Power GRID redundancy

Low latency

2.3 µsec

High-density design

14.5 RU (1/3 rack )

Virtualization support

  • 128K virtual machines
  • Virtual port profile (VPP) support
  • Virtual machine lifecycle management with XNV

Storage convergence


Lower TCO

  • High-efficiency 100GbE CFP2 optics
  • 5.6W per 10GbE port
  • Pure front-to-back cooling
  • Intelligent power management
  • Variable-speed fans

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