The ExaNIC is a 10Gbps PCI Express network card interface card specifically optimized for low latency environments. While initially conceived and built for use in latency-sensitive financial applications such as high frequency trading, the ExaNIC has appeal that extends to any environment where latency is key.


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Model Number

ExaNIC X10

Typical latency, raw frames

  • 60 bytes: 780ns
  • 300 bytes: 1μs

Typical latency, raw frames with preloaded TX buffer

  • 60 bytes: 710 ns
  • 300 bytes: 930 ns

Typical latency, UDP

  • 14 bytes: 880ns
  • 300 bytes: 1.2μs

Typical Latency, TCP

  • 14 bytes: 930ns
  • 300 bytes: 1.2μs

Form factor

  • Low profile PCI Express Card
  • 117x68mm (4.65x2.67in)


  • 2 SFP+
  • SMA for PPS in/out

Data rates

10GbE, 1GbE, 100M Fast Ethernet

Supported Media

Fiber (10GBASE-SR, 10GBASE-LR, 1000BASE-SX), SFP+ Direct Attach

Host Interface

PCIe x8 Gen 3 @ 8.0 GT/s per lane

Operating Systems

  • Linux x86_64 (all distributions)
  • Windows (coming soon)

Timestamp resolution


Timestamp availability

  • All received frames, most recent transmitted frame
  • Time synchronization: Host, hardware assisted PTP, optional PPS
  • PPS input/output: 3.3V CMOS, selectable 50ohm termination


Optional forwarding between ports 1 and 2, latency <110ns


Line rate capture to disk

Flow steering

  • 128 IP rules per port
  • 64 MAC rules per por

FPGA Development Kit

  • Add custom user logic to FPGA
  • Xilinx Ultrascale XCKU035-2
  • Fully integrated with drivers, utilities & TCP/UDP stack

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