The Intel® Omni-Path Director Class Switch (Intel® OP Director Class Switch), based on Intel’s next generation 48-radix switch silicon, has many innovative features that provide optimum performance for both small and large fabrics. Both switch models are dense form factor designs capable of supporting up to 768 100 Gb/s ports in a low 20U footprint.

Designed to be modular alongside edge switches, host adapters, and software, the Intel® OP Director Class Switch 100 series enables customers to tailor their system configuration to meet present and future needs.


  • Scales in 32 port increments, each providing 100 Gbps bandwidth
  • Scales up to 153.6 terabits per second aggregate bandwidth
  • 300-330ns Switch Latency
  • Scalable, predictable low latency under load
  • Optimized for message rate and latency
  • Multiple Virtual Lanes (VLs) per physical port
  • MTU Support 4kB plus 8kB and 10kB (8kB for bandwidth intensive applications)
  • Supports virtual fabric partitioning
  • Integrated chassis management
  • Support for embedded Subnet Manager
  • Redundant fans (Front to Back cooling)
  • Redundant Power – AC/DC (Optional)


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Model Number

Intel® Omni-Path Director Class Switch 100 Series: 24 Slot


48 up to 100Gbps

Rack Space Required

20U (1.75")



Managment Modules


Leaf Modules (32 Ports)

Up to 24

Spine Modules

Up to 8

Power (Typ./Max)

  • 10.6/14.9W (Optical)
  • 6.8/8.9 KW (Copper)



Fans and Airflow

N+1 (Speed Control) Forward/Reverse

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