SolarCapture® is powerful packet capture product family that can transform every server into a precision network monitoring device, increasing network visibility, network instrumentation, and performance analysis. SolarCapture products optimize network monitoring and security, while eliminating the need for specialized appliances, expensive adapters relying on exotic protocols, proprietary hardware, and dedicated networking equipment.


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Model Number

SolarCapture -Range

SolarCapture SDK

A custom application development for proprietary application development or integration with existing applications. APIs including C & Python library bindings and example applications and documentation are provided for use with any OpenOnload®-enabled Solarflare server adapter.

SolarCapture Live

Is a live line-rate packet capture application that runs on any OpenOnload-enabled server I/O adapter for integration with real-time pcap compliant monitoring applications.

SolarCapture Pro

Provides real-time capture bypassing the kernel and delivering packets with lowest latency at highest message rates directly to user space, while optimizing CPU utilization by assigning packet capture processing threads to specific CPU cores.

AOE SolarCapture Pro

For financial services, SolarCapture Pro enables line rate capture with an accurate time base for regulatory reporting, and nanosecond performance analysis to identify capacity spikes and trade execution latencies.

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