Artificial Intelligence Computing in Melbourne

Deep Learning, also referred to as Artificial Intelligence is the fastest-growing field in machine learning. It uses many-layered Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) to learn levels of representation and abstraction that make sense of data such as images, sound, and text. Deep Learning is used widely in the research community to help solve many big data problems such as computer vision, speech recognition, and natural language processing.

Practical examples include:

  • Vehicle, pedestrian and landmark identification for driver assistance
  • Image recognition
  • Speech recognition and translation
  • Natural language processing
  • Life sciences

XENON offers a variety of Deep Learning solutions which focus on GPU power due to its intensive parallel computation ability.

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These solutions include:


XENON an Australian distributor of NVIDIA DGX-2™, NVIDIA DGX-2H, NVIDIA DGX-1™ and NVIDIA DGX Station supercomputer which enables data scientists and artificial intelligence (AI) researchers to acquire the accuracy, simplicity, and speed they need for Deep Learning success. Faster training and iteration ultimately means faster innovation and time-to-market.

model no.


key features

The first 2 petaFLOPS system that combines 16 fully interconnected GPUs for 10X the Deep Learning performance

  • NVIDIA® Tesla V100 32GB, SXM3
  • 16 Total GPUs for both boards, 512GB total HBM2 memory
  • 12 Total NVSWitches
  • 8 EDR Infiniband/100 GbE ethernet

Optimised for the Most Demanding Large Scale AI Workloads

  • The world’s first 2.1 petaFLOPS system, powered by 16 of the world’s most advanced GPUs
  • Features faster Tesla V100 GPUs running at 450 watts per GPU
  • NVIDIA® DGX™ software
  • NVIDIA NVSwitch

The world’s first purpose-built system optimised for Deep Learning, with fully integrated hardware and software that can be deployed quickly and easily. Its revolutionary performance significantly accelerates training time, making it the world’s first Deep Learning supercomputer in a box.

  • Built with groundbreaking Pascal™-powered NVIDIA® Tesla® P100 GPU accelerators, interconnected with NVIDIA® NVLink™
  • Software stack includes major deep learning frameworks, the NVIDIA® Deep Learning SDK, the DIGITS™ GPU training system, drivers, and CUDA®,for designing the most accurate deep neural networks (DNN)
  • Applications run up to 12x faster than any previous GPU-accelerated solutions

The Personal Supercomputer for Leading-Edge AI Development

  • 3x the performance for deep learning training
  • 100x in speed-up on large data set analysis, compared with a 20 node Spark server cluster
  • 5x increase in I/O performance over PCIe-connected GPU’s with NVIDIA NVLink technology


XENON’s new DEVCUBE G2 is ideal for deep learning, machine learning and AI at your desktop. GPUs are extremely efficient and particularly well suited to provide this capability and they are a key enabler for deep learning research, innovation and development.

All this results into:

  • faster turnaround times
  • the freedom to explore multiple network architectures
  •  accelerated dataset manipulation
  • an all in one powerful, energy-efficient, cool, and quiet solution

model no.


key features

Ideal for researchers, start-up companies, and anyone engaged in DL and AI exploration.

  • Intel Core i7 or i9
  • Up to 18 Cores
  • Support up to 128GB DDR4 Non-ECC, Un-buffered Memory
  • Support up to 4 GPUs: GTX, Titan Xp, Titan V or QuadroI


Ideal for deep learning, machine learning and AI at your desktop

  • Intel Xeon W
  • Up to 18 Cores
  • Support up to 512GB DDR4 REG.ECC Memory
  • Support up to 4 GPUs: GTX, Titan Xp, Titan V or Quadro

NITRO GX48T 10GPU Server

XENON’s new generation GPU optimised server  provides the highest levels of parallel performance for Machine/Deep Learning workloads with 10 GPUs support in a single 4U chassis. Compared to a symmetric Dual Processor design, the new systems deliver 21% higher throughput and 60% lower latency* plus innovative single root complex architecture design. In addition, this server  has been  thermally optimised for either active or passively cooled GPUs without preheating, and are equipped with redundant 2000W Titanium Level (96%+ efficiency) digital power supplies for better reliability and lower TCO.

model no.


key features

10 GPUs support in a single 4U chassis

  • Dual Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v4 family
  • Up to 1.5TB DDR4 ECC Registered DIMM
  • Support for 10x Double Width Passive GPUs
  • Support for GTX and Titan X Active GPUs
  • Innovative single root complex architecture

AIRI By Pure Storage

AIRI™ is the industry’s first complete AI-ready infrastructure, architected by Pure Storage® and NVIDIA® to extend the power of NVIDIA DGX™ systems, and enabling AI-at-scale for every enterprise. AIRI offers enterprises a simple, fast, and future-proof infrastructure to meet their AI demands – at any scale and is available in Australia and NZ from XENON.

AIRI and AIRI Mini

model no.


key features

AIRI is a revolutionary end-to-end AI-at-scale infrastructure to address real-world challenges

  • 4x NVIDIA® DGX-1 servers
  • NVIDIA® GPU Cloud Deep Learning Stack
  • Enterprise-grade support

The smallest AI-ready data centre you can deploy, yet likely the most powerful

  • 2x NVIDIA® DGX-1 servers and Pure FlashBlade™ storage
  • Performance of 25 racks of legacy infrastructure
  • Offers effortless elastic scale

IBM® Power System™ Accelerated Compute Servers

IBM® Power System™ Accelerated Compute Servers deliver unprecedented performance for modern HPC, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI). Enterprises can now deploy data-intensive workloads, like deep learning frameworks and accelerated databases, with confidence.

model no.


key features

A leadership HPC and AI server with 2 POWER9 with Enhanced NVLink CPUs and 4-6 NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs in 2U.

  • Faster I/O: up to 5.6x more I/O bandwidth than x86 servers
  • The best GPUs: 2-6 NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 GPUs with NVLink
  • Extraordinary CPUs: 2x POWER9 CPUs, designed for AI
  • Simplest AI architecture: Share RAM across CPUs and GPUs


NVIDIA® TITAN graphic cards are groundbreaking. They give you the power to accomplish things you never thought possible.


model no.


key features

NVIDIA® TITAN V is the most powerful graphics card ever created for the PC, driven by the world’s most advanced architecture

  • NVIDIA® Volta Architecture
  • 12 GB HBM2 Frame Buffer
  • 1455 MHz Boost Clock
  • 640 Tensor Cores
  • 640 Tensor Cores

NVIDIA® TITAN Xp harnesses the incredible computing horsepower and groundbreaking NVIDIA Pascal™ architecture

  • Pascal GPU Architecture
  • 12 GB G5X Frame Buffer
  • 11.4 Gbps Memory Speed
  • 1582 MHz Boost Clock
  • 3584 NVIDIA® CUDA® cores
  • Running at 1.5GHz
  • 11 TFLOPs of brute force

NVIDIA® Jetson Embedded Platforms

NVIDIA Jetson is the world’s leading visual computing platform for GPU-accelerated parallel processing in the mobile embedded systems market. Its high-performance, low-energy computing for deep learning and computer vision makes Jetson the ideal solution for compute-intensive embedded projects like:

  • Drones
  • Autonomous Robotic Systems
  • Mobile Medical Imaging

NVIDIA® Jetson Embedded Platforms

model no.


key features

The new NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2 is a high-performance, low-power supercomputer on a module that provides extremely quick, accurate AI inferencing in everything from robots and drones to enterprise collaboration devices and intelligent cameras.

  • NVIDIA Pascal™, 256 CUDA cores
  • HMP Dual Denver 2/2 MB L2 + Quad ARM® A57/2 MB L2
  • 4K x 2K 60 Hz Encode (HEVC) 4K x 2K 60 Hz Decode (12-Bit Support)
  • 8 GB 128 bit LPDDR4 59.7 GB/s

NVIDIA® Jetson™ Xavier is the latest addition to the Jetson platform. It’s an AI computer for autonomous machines, delivering the performance of a GPU workstation in an embedded module under 30W.

  • 512-core Volta GPU with Tensor Cores
  • (2x) NVDLA Engines DL Accelerator
  • 8-core ARMv8.2 64-bit CPU, 8MB L2 + 4MB L3
  • 16GB 256-bit LPDDR4x | 137 GB/s