XENON Systems has the experience and proven track record of designing, installing and providing high-quality, on-going support of High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions within Melbourne and across Australia. XENON’s HPC solutions have been built using industry leading technologies and have been deployed across a variety of technical and research environments throughout Australia and the APAC region.

XENON has over 20 years’ experience in providing solutions in areas such as:

  • Research and Education:
  • Health and Medical research (Life Sciences)
  • Environment and Natural Resource Management (Earth Sciences)
  • Physics, Chemistry and Material Sciences
  • Universities
  • Financial Services
  • Government agencies (including Defense)
  • Oil and Gas
  • Utilities (including Telcos)XENON_HPC_08122016

XENON’s purpose built HPC solutions provides highly scalable, high performance systems that will satisfy the most demanding Research and Technical computing and storage requirements.

XENON System’s High Performance Computing products and services portfolio includes Compute, Interconnects/Networking, Storage, as well as a comprehensive HPC software stack, and a  full range of services and support options.


XENON Systems offers a broad range of Compute options, including:

  • HPC Clusters or standalone servers
  • Nodes: Compute, GPU, Fat-Memory, Management, Login and other service nodes
  • Processors: Intel XEON processors and AMD ZEN processors
  • GPUs: NVIDIA Tesla or GeFORCE, Intel Phi and AMD FirePro GPUs
  • Form factor: 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U, blade-based
  • Single, dual, 4-way, 8-way servers


Selecting the right interconnect is often driven by application (i.e. some applications are more dependent on higher bandwidth and lower latency when moving data between nodes) and cost. XENON can assist on advising on the best HPC interconnect that meets your requirements.

  • Interconnect technologies: Infiniband (IB), Omni-Path Architecture (OPA) or Ethernet
  • Topologies: Fat-Tree most widely used topology for HPC, blocking (2:1, 3:1, etc.) or non-blocking (1:1) fabrics


XENON can advise, design and deploy a number of different high performance data storage systems suitable for differing HPC environments.

XENON Systems can provide the following:

  • Open-source based, commercially supported storage solutions
  • Storage type: Block, File, Object
  • Storage hardware: DDN, Panasas, Quantum and others
  • Device types: HDDs, SSDs, NVMe
  • Connect: Infiniband, SAS, Gbit Ethernet, Fibre Channel
  • File-systems: Lustre, GPFS, PAN-FS, Ceph, NFS
  • Storage networks: DAS, SAN, NAS
  • JBOD, RAID, declustered RAID
  • Miscellaneous: storage controller cards (PCIe), cabling, etc.

Software Stack

XENON Systems offers the complete HPC software eco-system. This includes Operating Systems, Compilers and Development tools, Application monitoring and tuning tools, System Management tools, Resource Management/Job scheduling systems, etc.

Cooling Solutions

XENON can offer both air and water cooling solutions.

Water cooling solutions includes:

  • Rear Door Heat exchanger that delivers industry-leading cooling using chilled water to provide cooling for individual HPC server racks. It can deliver 100% heat removal at a 30 kw load.
  • Warm-water (up to 45°C) cooling technology where water chillers are not needed resulting in greater savings and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).A non-traditional cooling approach in which cool or warm water is distributed directly to the system CPUs, memory, and other subsystem heat sinks via a rack water manifold assembly. This cooling technology is specifically designed for blade based server nodes only.

Services & Support

XENON Systems also provides a full range to services and support options.

These include:

Pre-delivery installation and testing of all components at XENON’s workshop prior to delivery on site such as;

  • System burn-in and testing to eliminate any DOAs
  • Server/node labelling
  • Cabling labelling
  • Rack planning
  • Network setups
  • Storage configurations and setups
  • Apply any customer specific setups/customisation

Delivery and setup of proposed configuration on site:

  • Assemble racks and other components
  • Re-establish server, storage and networking setups
  • Test overall solution
  • Removal of any packaging, etc.
  • Training/Knowledge transfer
  • Handover and acceptance

XENON can offer support programs that meet customers’ SLAs as well as the option of providing customers with the provision of on-site spares help maintain the highest system availability.