XENON’s Fibre Automation platform includes an active switching mechanism responsible for connecting and disconnecting optical ports within a passive latching layer. This platform communicates with external management software, manages all switching elements, monitors real-time status of cross-connections and network performance, updates network inventory records and transmits alarms to a central network management system. Standard interfaces to existing Element management Systems (EMS), NMS and Operational Support Systems (OSS) enables the Fibre Automation platform to be remotely managed, and maintained.


  • Truly automation fibre patching platform
  • High-density Switching: Non-blocking of 144×144 optical links fabric
  • Low Cost: An automated solution that targets the manual equipment price range
  • High optical performance: Maintains uniform matrix insertion loss of less than 0.5dB and low return loss of less than 55-65dB
  • Power-independent Traffic: Latching mechanism consumes power only while switching, maintains traffic transmission in the event of power failure, and enables unit to be repaired in the field without any traffic interruption
  • ETSI 19” Rack format and back to back configuration an option
  • Carrier-Class System: Meets applicable standards recommendations. Highly reliable field-proven system units
  • Standard Software Interfaces: SNMP interfaces
  • Carrier ETSI Power Supply