XENON continues to support to support Carbon Neutral via its Biodiverse Reforestation Carbon Sink Projects

XENON, in conjunction with Carbon Neutral has addressed the challenges of climate change via its Biodiverse Reforestation Carbon Sink Projects. Carbon Neutral is Australia’s largest Biodiverse Reforestation Carbon Sink developer and XENON has been supporting this wonderful environmental initiative since 2008. All trees and shrubs are planted in degraded areas of the Australian wheatbelt.

sponsorshippage_05202015These trees will provide direct benefits such as: wind breaks, reducing soil erosion, helping combat salinity, improving biodiversity, creating habitat and improving the environmental sustainability of regional Australia.

“Climate change is now widely regarded as one of the most serious challenges the world faces,” said Vita Calabrese, Marketing Manager at XENON Systems Pty Ltd. “It has reached a tipping point and we all need to be proactive. This program is a wonderful way to get involved.”

To further aid climate control XENON consciously collaborate with hardware manufacturers, such as Supermicro and Intel who optimise their hardware product designs to minimise CO2 emissions.

For more information about Carbon Neutral’s Trees for Rehabilitation visit: www.carbonneutral.com.au